Radulovic names Lebanon’s squad to face Singapore and Hong Kong

Lebanon will face Singapore in a friendly game on November 9 ahead of the 2019 AFC Asian Cup Qualifiers game against Hong Kong on November 14.

The Cedars will leave Lebanon today.

23 players make up the call-up unveiled by Head Coach Miodrag Radulovic.

The list is as follows: 


Mahdi Khalil (Ahed)

Abbas Hassan (Nejmeh)

Mohamad Taha (Safa)


Ali Hamam (Zob Ahan – Iran)

Joan Oumari (Al Nasr – UAE)

Zein Tahan (Safa)

Kassem El Zein (Nejmeh)

Maher Sabra (Nejmeh)

Moataz Bellah Al-Junaidi (Ansar)

Nassar Nassar (Ansar)

Nour Mansour (Ahed)

Jad Noureddine (Safa)


Haitham Faour (Ahed)

Nader Matar (Nejmeh)

Ahmad Jalloul (Nejmeh)

Samir Ayass (Ahed)

Mohamad Haidar (Ahed)

Adnan Haidar (Ansar)

Rabih Ataya (Zob Ahan – Iran)

Hassan Maatouk (Nejmeh)

Abou Bakr Al Mel (Kelantan FA – Malaysia)

Hilal El-Helwe (Hallescher FC – Germany)

Omar Bugiel (Forest Green Rovers F.C. – England)

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