Lebanese Futsal National Team West Asian Qualifications

The Lebanese Futsal National team just left Lebanon, heading towards Bangkok, the Thai Capital. The Cedars will face Jordan and Qatar in group 2 of the West Asia Qualifications. Due to the withdrawal of Syria from the group, Lebanon will start their journey facing Jordan on the 11th of November, followed by the other game against Qatar on the 12th. 
The traveling squad includes: Hussein Dib (National Team Director), Salim Awada (Administration and Media Coordinator), the Iranian Shahab Eldine Solfamanesh (Head Coach), Hassan Hammoud (Trainer), Mazen Al Ahmadiye (Physical Therapist), Yassin Yassin (Equipment Manager), and the following players: Hussein Hamadani, Ghadi Abi Akl, Ali Tneich, Georgio Khoury, Ahmad Kheireldine, Ali Homsi, Hassan Zeitoun, Kassem Kawsan, Steve Koukezian, Serge Kouyoumjian, Mohammad Kobeissy, Karim Abouzeid, Karim Jouaidi, Moustafa Rhayyem.

Both games will take place in Bangkok Arena, where the best 2 of the group will qualify to the finals of the Asian Cup that will take place in Chinese Taipei at the end of January.

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