‪Full List of the Lebanese National Football Team Training Camp Squad‬ (Local Players)

The Training camp will start on February 20 at Ahed Stadium.


Mahdi Khalil (Ahed)

Abbas Hassan (Nejmeh)

Mohamad Taha (Safa)


Nour Mansour (Ahed)

Moataz Bella Al-Junaidi (Ansar)

Nassar Nassar (Ansar)

Ali Hamam (Nejmeh)

Maher Sabra (Nejmeh)

Kassem Zein (Nejmeh)

Zein Tahan (Safa)

Jad Noureddine (Safa)

Hassan Bittar (Tadamon Sour)

MF & FW:

Haitham Faour (Ahed)

Samir Ayass (Ahed)

Mohamad Haidar (Ahed)

Ahmad Hijazi (Akhaa Ahli Aley)

Hassan Cheaito « Moni » (Ahed)

Hassan Shaito « Shibriko » (Ansar)

Ahmad Jalloul (Nejmeh)

Nader Matar (Nejmeh)

Hassan Maatouk (Nejmeh)

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