Lebanese Football Youth League Final 6 – Round 2 Results

#LebaneseYouthLeague Final 6 – Round 2:

Round 2:

Nejmeh 0-3 Ansar [Cesar Abi Chakra x2 , Shadi Daher]

Ahed 1-1 Hoops [Jamil Khalife / Ali Fouani]

Safa (ASA) 6-1 Tadamon Sour [Karim El Ghali X3 – Karim El Makawi X2 – Jawad Slayeh / Wael El Kadi]


3: Karim El Ghali (Safa)

2: Cesar Abi Chakra (Ansar), Karim El Makawi (Safa), Khoder Al Chimali (Tadamon Sour)

1 : Said Saad, Farid Harb, Mohamad Al Husseini, Jamil Ibrahim (Ahed), Shadi Daher, Mohamad Daher, Maxime Aoun (Ansar), Karim Laz (Nejmeh), Jawad Slayeh (Safa), Wael El Kadi (Tadamon Sour)


Ansar 4pts

Ahed 4pts

Safa 3pts

Nejmeh 3pts

Hoops 1pts

Tadamon Sour 1pt

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