Radulovic names Lebanon’s squad to face Jordan and Oman

Lebanon will face Jordan on September 6 and Oman in September 9 in Amman.

23 players make up the call-up unveiled by Head Coach Miodrag Radulovic.

The list is as follows:


Mahdi Khalil (Ahed)

Abbas Hassan (Nejmeh)

Mostafa Matar (Salam Zgharta)


Nassar Nassar (Ansar)

Moataz Bellah Al-Junaidi (Ansar)

Nour Mansour (Ahed)

Kassem El Zein (Nejmeh)

Joan Oumari (Sagan Tosu / Japan)

Zein Tahan (Safa)

Ali Hamam (Nejmeh)

Walid Ismail (Salam Zgharta)


Mohamad Haidar (Ahed)

Haitham Faour (Ahed)

Hassan Cheaito [Moni] (Ansar)

Hassan Cheaito [Shibrico] (Ansar)

Bilal Najdi (Ansar)

Adnan Haidar (Ansar)

Nader Matar (Nejmeh)

Omar Bugiel (Bromley / England)

Hilal El-Helwe (Apollon Smyrnis / Greece)

Hassan Maatouk (Nejmeh)

Edmond Chehadé (Salam Zgharta)

Rabih Ataya (Ahed)

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