The 2018-2019 Lebanese Football League season will kickoff this weekend.

12 teams will compete: Ahed, Akhaa Ahli Aley, Ansar, Bekaa Sports, Nejmeh, Racing, Salam Zgharta, Shabab Al Ghazieh, Shabab Al Sahel, Safa, Tadamon Sour, and Tripoli

The Lebanese clubs will have a total of 36 foreign players from 17 countries. The interesting data is that there is only one player from Asia: Syria.

The league will start this week-end with the following games:

Shabab Ghazieh vs Tadamon Sour – September 14 at 3:30pm – Kfarjouz Stadium

Racing vs Bekaa Sports – September 14 at 4:00pm – Nabi Chit Stadium

Akhaa Ahli Aley vs Salam Zgharta – September 15 at 3:30pm – Bhamdoun Stadium

Nejmeh vs Ansar September 15 at 4:00pm – Tripoli Municipal Stadium

Tripoli vs Shabab Al Sahel – September 16 at 3:30pm Tripoli Municipal Stadium

Ahed vs Safa – September 16 at 4:00pm – Saida Stadium

MTV Lebanon will broadcast the main games.

The winner of the league and the winner of the cup will qualify to the AFC Asian Cup. The 2 teams that finish last in the league will get relegated.

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