2018-2019 Lebanese Football League Week 1 Results

Nejmeh 4-2 Ansar (Abu Bakr Al-Mel, Omar Zeineddine, Nader Matar X2 / ElHadji Malik Tall, Houssam Louati) https://youtu.be/0D762tlYiYY

Tripoli 0-3 Shabab Al Sahel (Hussein Rizk, Mohamad Salem / Nazih Assaad own goal) https://youtu.be/ffYwUiR1-UM

Akhaa Ahli Aley 1-1 Salam Zgharta (Carlos Alberto / Adnan Melhem) https://youtu.be/DGXXyp6EYu4

Bekaa Sports 2-0 Racing (Emmanuel Belo X2) https://youtu.be/O-mKJdEplvo

Shabab Al Ghazieh 0-1 Tadamon Sour (Stephen Kwadwo Sarfo). https://youtu.be/VkAcXOccVOs

Ahed 6-0 Safa (Martin Toshev X3, Mohamad Kdouh, Hussein Dakik / Ali Saadi own goal). https://youtu.be/mFjlLfDxU5I


3: Martin Toshev (Ahed)

2: Nader Matar (Nejmeh), Emmanuel Belo (Bekaa Sports).

1: Abu Bakr Al-Mel, Omar Zeineddine (Nejmeh), ElHadji Malik Tall, Houssam Louati (Ansar), Hussein Rizk, Mohamad Salem (Tripoli), Carlos Alberto (Akhaa Ahli Aley), Adnan Melhem (Salam Zgharta), Mohamad Kdouh, Hussein Dakik (Ahed)

Top 5 Goals: youtu.be/BqylX6MQn7o?a

Top 5 Saves: https://youtu.be/9oJtPjDRo4Q

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