Lebanese Football Association Academy Cup Round of 16 Results

U-10 (2008)

Hoops 5-1 Juventus

Ansar vs Inter Sour : NO INFORMATION

ASA 5-7 Saidoun

Bounce 1-6 Classico Academy

Athletico Dbayeh 7-3 Athletico Hooligans

BFA 7-2 Liwaa Barja

Athletico Saint-Joseph 4-1 Pro Sport

E.R. Academy 3-1 Ahed


Hoops vs Ansar or Inter Sour

Saidoun vs Classico Academy

Athletico Dbayeh vs BFA

Athletico Saint-Joseph vs E.R. Academy

U-11 (2007)

BFA 7-3 Salam Zgharta


BUL 6–1 Hoops

Juventus 0-7 Athletico Dbayeh

Olympico Mansourieh 4-3 Ansar

EFP 0-4 Athletico Frères

Athletico Saint-Joseph 1-9 ASA

Chabibet Majdlaya 2-7 Classico Academy


BFA vs E.R. Academy or FCB

BUL vs Athletico Dbayeh

Olympico Mansourieh vs Athletico Frères

ASA vs Classico Academy

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