2018-19 Lebanese Football League Round 3 Results and Standings


Racing 2-1 Shabab Al Ghazieh (Youssef Al Haj, Hassan Al Kadi / Rami Fakih) https://youtu.be/0um_2diLFfY

Ansar 1-1 Safa (Houssam Louati / Hussein El Outa) https://youtu.be/UwZjoHDinZg

Akhaa Ahli Aley 0-4 Nejmeh (Khaled Takaji OG, Hassan Mohamad, Ali Alaaedine, Abu Bakr Al Mel) https://youtu.be/ebLqsSvc_Tc

Bekaa Sports 0-1 Ahed (Martin Toshev) https://youtu.be/Nx_RS4aXClY

Salam Zgharta 2-0 Shabab Al Sahel (Hamza Kheir, Amadou Niass) https://youtu.be/HslcF6Y1PB8

Tadamon Sour 0-0 Tripoli https://youtu.be/Utvasd7YD1Y



5: Martin Toshev (Ahed)

3: Houssam Louati (Ansar)

2: Nader Matar, Abu Bakr Al-Mel (Nejmeh), Emmanuel Belo (Bekaa Sports), Kiki Christian (Shabab Al Ghazieh), Hussein Dakik (Ahed),

1:, Omar Zeineddine, Ali Hamam, Kassem El Zein, Hassan Mohamad, Ali Alaaedine (Nejmeh), ElHadji Malik Tall, Abbas Atwi (Ansar), Hussein Rizk, Mohamad Salem (Tripoli), Carlos Alberto, Khaled Takaji (Akhaa Ahli Aley), Adnan Melhem, Hamza Kheir, Amadous Niass (Salam Zgharta), Mohamad Kdouh (Ahed), Ernest Anang (Safa), Malek Anteri, Rami Fakih (Shabab Al Ghazieh), Khoder Salame, Onyeka Emmanuel, Yousse Al Haj, Hassan Al Kadi (Racing)

Top 5 saves: https://youtu.be/VZzLkuEoBW8

Top 5 goals: https://youtu.be/pD87oPbIF4U

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