All you need to know before Kuwait vs Lebanon

The game between Lebanon and Kuwait will be played on October 11 at Kuwait Club Stadium at 7pm. It will be broadcasted on Kuwait Sports TV.

Four important things to keep in mind concerning this game:

– Lebanon has went undefeated for the last 15 games. Will the Cedars be able to continue their incredible adventure?

– Three usual starters won’t play: Sagan Tosu’s defender Joan Oumari, Ahed’s defender Nour Mansour, and Lebanon’s captain Hassan Maatouk. Bromley’s striker Omar Bugiel, who scored the winning goal against Jordan, won’t play either against Kuwait, due to injury. This encounter will be a good test to see how our defense will perform without Oumari and Mansour. It might be a good opportunity for Hassan Bittar, Ansar’s defender, to show his potential in the national team. And on the other hand, bearing in mind that the Cedars are quite dependent on Hassan Maatouk, the main question mark will revolve around knowing how performant Lebanon’s offense can be without the best Lebanese scorer.

– The return of Soony Saad, Indy Eleven‘s striker. Soony Saad’s free-kicks can be of great assistance to Lebanon in a probably close game against Kuwait.

– Kuwait is historically a team that Lebanon has difficulty dealing with : 1 win in the last 15 games.

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