About the Admins

FALebanon is run by 2 admins: Rami Abou Diab and Yara Daou.

Rami Abou Diab was born in Paris. He holds a masters’ degree in public law from Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne University. He is now pursuing a master’s degree in geopolitics.

Lebanese Football was always special for him because his grandfather worked at Camille Chamoun Stadium for many years before the start of the civil war.

He is known for his good highlights videos.

He has been covering all the international competitions of football, beach Soccer and futsal national teams since March 2015.

Yara Daou was born in 1998 in Lebanon, but currently lives in USA. She is a digital media student who is expected to graduate in 2020.

She is passionate about football and futsal as she grew up playing both of the sports, and she is privileged to be able to give back to her country through social media, which she enjoys a lot.

She focuses mostly on website maintenance and media-related content. Yara also covers all of the leagues’ news and updates.


It all started in March of 2015, when Rami Abou Diab was watching a Lebanese Beach Soccer National Team game in the Asian Qualifications, and the commentator, who was reading out tweets, noticed a lot of Lebanese supporters. Thus, Rami decided to create a twitter account to gather the Lebanese fans in one place, where they could share their thoughts and support. With time, the account started to drift more towards news and updates.

In December of that year, Yara Daou started helping Rami with news and content, but it wasn’t “professional” until she also became an admin. In August of 2016, Yara was at the Elite Cup final between Nejmeh and Ansar, while Rami was on a flight, so he asked her to cover that game and she did. Her impressive coverage demanded of Rami to ask her to be an admin and work on growing the page together. They soon launched a facebook page, an Instagram account, a youtube channel, a website, and a snapchat.

Rami and Yara have been working together ever since they first met on twitter, and who would have thought that strangers can come up with big things?

It is thanks to your constant support that we are still going and growing, so thank you all!

PS: Yara & Rami have never met in real life!